A downloadable NES Homebrew

Well since I made a F13 game... what was next? Why not Michael Myers? Had a lot of free time in high school and got this done right in time for Halloween that year. Play as Michael & stalk Laurie Strode. 

This was originally made in Klik N Play, converted over to Click & Create, and then ported to play on an NES.

For more information on the original windows game, visit the official page here.

Alternate download link.

{Windows 98 version released: Oct 31, 1999. NES demake released: Sept 30, 2022.}

-=List of easter eggs and codes=-

  • On the credits screen.. Press the select button 31 times to jump to the Bonus Hospital Level instantly. 
  • After exiting the cave. Slash through the bushes on the left for a familiar cameo.
  • During the Bonus Hospital Level.. after killing Jimmy (fro guy from Halloween II), go back to the hot tub for another familiar cameo. 
  • After you kill the 2 cops by the dare poster. Go outside and press down + select for a secret surprise.


  • Grandma troubles? That tree looks like a nice hiding space.
  • More grandma troubles? Stay in the middle of the floor. Count the white dots on the bottom closest to the black line next to the box. Walk to the right as far as the fourth white dot goes, then turn around and go the other way. You'll reach your goal in time.
  • You can take those two cops out at the same time if you're positioned right.


If the slasher roms aren't running on your device, download THIS zip file of all 4 games. They're all different mapper versions of the roms.


Went to cameo and sent footage of my free horror games I made about these legends to them! This is what they had to say!

Want to play all of the NES slasher demakes without messing with emulators? Go HERE and get the 4-in-1 program for your PC!

Want to play all of the NES slasher games on one single 4-in-1 NES multirom? Go HERE and check it out!

Directional buttons to move.
B or A to attack.
Top red button changes directional button layout.
Top gray button is select.
Bottom gray button is start.
Bottom red bottom goes to menu.

Web browser:
Directional keys to move.
Z or X to attack.
Enter is start button.
Shift is select button.

NOTE: On the mobile/web browser version, the music/sfx will not start until you click/tap the screen. Once you do the music/sfx will start, but lag behind. Go to the menu (ESC button or top red button) and reset the game. Then it'll be back to normal. Also the screams in this version are little off on the emulator and sound a little garbled.


HALLO31_DEMAKE_v0.02.nes 512 kB

Install instructions

NES File:
Download and play with your favorite NES emulator. Best played with Mesen.

When using an NES/SNES Classic. Change core to FCEUmm, then when playing press start + select, options, and change color palette to "sony-cxa2025as-us" for best results.

Development log


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Great work!  Featured in my NES Homebrew Horror video.


100/100 awesome honor to slasher movies! 

Thank you so much! 🎃🔪 

The STYLISH ONE thanks you 8 bit slasher for making this game. I gotta say going back to the nes (or in this case the emulator) and playing this was really fun. I can't wait to see what else you have cooking up regarding your games. Keep it stylish and please share this with your community it helps with YouTube's algorithm in sharing this with new viewers/gamers.
Oh and please join our discord for a community that is building with the indie gaming community and gamers alike. discord.gg/g2MEmtQGex

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I will share it on all of my social media accounts 🤘🏻

Thanks my friend you are stylish. 

making an achievement set for this game, any clues on that last secret?

AWESOME! I can tell you! How can I message you in private without posting it on here?  I still wanna keep it a secret for the most part. 

discord or email might be the best option.

Contact me on discord here.

if there was a link embeded there i think itch blocked it, i cant seem to click it. strange.

What's your email? I'll delete it from the post once I send you the code.