A downloadable NES Homebrew

{Released: November 13, 1998}

Ahh, good memories. One of the first games I ever made when I was 15. The original f13 fan game that created a cult following. Play as Jason & kill the campers.

This was originally made in Klik N Play, converted over to Click & Create, and then ported to play on an NES.

For more information on the original windows game, visit the official page here.

Alternate download link.

-=List of easter eggs and codes=-

-In the credits screen.. Press the select button 13 times to jump to the Cabin Slaughter level instantly.
-After destroying the boombox.. go back inside the bloody tent for a familar NES secret.
-When listening to the boombox music in the sleeping bag scene or dancing scene.. let the music go for a minute or two for a musical surprise.
-And there’s one more secret .. can you find it?

Install instructions

Download and play with your favorite NES emulator.


F13RTCB_DEMAKE_v1.52.nes 512 kB

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