A downloadable NES Homebrew

Ahh, good memories. One of the first games I ever made when I was 15. The original f13 fan game that created a cult following. Play as Jason & kill the campers.

This was originally made in Klik N Play, converted over to Click & Create, and then ported to play on an NES.

For more information on the original windows game, visit the official page here.

Alternate download link.

{Windows 98 version released: 1998. NES demake released: July 12, 2022.}

-=List of easter eggs and codes=-

  • On the credits screen.. Press the select button 13 times to jump to the Cabin Slaughter level instantly.
  • After destroying the boombox.. go back inside the bloody tent for a familar NES secret.
  • When listening to the boombox music in the sleeping bag scene or dancing scene.. let the music go for a minute or two for a musical surprise.
  • On the bonus level where Violet from F13 part V is dancing on the carpet. Press up + select after you kill her to see something familiar.


  • The only way to "lose" in this game is to leave Crystal Lake by going down the road next to the sign that reads "Goodbye."


If the slasher roms aren't running on your device, download THIS zip file of all 4 games. They're all different mapper versions of the roms.


Went to cameo and sent footage of my free horror games I made about these legends to them! This is what they had to say!

Want to play all of the NES slasher demakes without messing with emulators? Go HERE and get the 4-in-1 program for your PC!

Want to play all of the NES slasher games on one single 4-in-1 NES multirom? Go HERE and check it out!

Return to Camp Blood MUSIC VIDEO:

Directional buttons to move.
B or A to attack.
Top red button changes directional button layout.
Top gray button is select.
Bottom gray button is start.
Bottom red bottom goes to menu.

Web browser:
Directional keys to move.
Z or X to attack.
Enter is start button.
Shift is select button.

NOTE: On the mobile/web browser version, the music/sfx will not start until you click/tap the screen. Once you do the music/sfx will start, but lag behind. Go to the menu (ESC button or top red button) and reset the game. Then it'll be back to normal. Also the screams in this version are little off on the emulator and sound a little garbled.


F13RTCB_DEMAKE_v1.52.nes 512 kB

Install instructions

NES File:
Download and play with your favorite NES emulator. Best played with Mesen.

When using an NES/SNES Classic. Change core to FCEUmm, then when playing press start + select, options, and change color palette to "sony-cxa2025as-us" for best results.

Development log


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Great work!  Featured in my NES Homebrew Horror video.

Okay, create a multiplayer version for Android.


I TOLD YOU THE STYLISH ONE WOULD PLAY ANOTHER!!! haha you never cease to impress slasher you do a great job and I can't wait to play Nightmare on Elm street next. Still hope to see you and your community pay a visit to the discord and the youtube channel. Drop by anytime.

Just finished watching you play! Great job! This was the very first game I made in the trilogy of horror back in the day. The plan was to demake all of the old games the way they were (as faithfully as i could) and then hopefully make sequels improving little things. Can’t wait for you to check out my Elm Street demake. It was the last game I made back in the day before i disappeared from gamedev for a while. Have a Happy Halloween weekend! 🎃


Wait you made this 24 years ago? Omg. Btw how do you install this? It's a kb file. Sorry I'm slow.

Download an NES emulator to play it! Like Mesen.. Nestopia.. you can even use Retoarch. You need an emulator like one of those and open the file inside the program 


Oh thank you!

Just released a stand alone version of each of my games so you don’t have to mess with emulators. Each game has a zip file. Unzip and play the exe!


Another a very cool game! =)


Glad you like my games! I originally made this one when I was 15 🏕️


Great result for 15 =)