A downloadable NES Homebrew for Windows

The final in the trilogy of slasher games I made in the late 90s, before I disappeared from game dev for a while. Play as Freddy and terrorize teenagers in their sleep.

This was originally made in Klik N Play, converted over to Click & Create, and then ported to play on an NES.

For more information on the original windows game, visit the official page here.

Alternate download link.

{Windows 98 version released: Nov 20, 1999. NES demake released: Oct 22, 2022.}

-=List of easter eggs and codes=-

  • On the credits screen.. Press the select button 10 times to jump to the Bonus Nightmare Level instantly.
  • On the screen that displays “The End,” press any button to see a secret message. 
  • And there’s one more secret .. can you find it?



ANOES_SOHM_DEMAKE_v0.02.nes 512 kB

Install instructions

NES File:
Download and play with your favorite NES emulator. Best played with Mesen.

When using an NES/SNES Classic. Change core to FCEUmm, then when playing press start + select, options, and change color palette to "sony-cxa2025as-us" for best results.

ZIP Standalone file:
Unzip and open ANOES_SOHM_DEMAKE.EXE to play! (View readme.txt for instructions.)

Development log


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As I said slasher it was coming and here it is. Let's push this out further than before, this is easily your best game. 

Excellent playthrough! Thank you for playing all 3 of my original slasher games! You know I’ll share this on all platforms 🙌🏻🤘🏻

You are always great my friend. Thanks so much, it helps with YouTube sharing it out to others on that site the more watches I get on the video the more it shares it. 


A very cool game! Well done =)


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it 🙌🏻