A downloadable NES Homebrew

The final in the trilogy of slasher games I made in the late 90s, before I disappeared from game dev for a while. Play as Freddy and terrorize teenagers in their sleep. This was more of an interactive story game.

This was originally made in Klik N Play, converted over to Click & Create, and then ported to play on an NES.

For more information on the original windows game, visit the official page here.

Alternate download link.

{Windows 98 version released: Nov 20, 1999. NES demake released: Oct 22, 2022.}

-=List of easter eggs and codes=-

  • On the credits screen.. Press the select button 10 times to jump to the Bonus Nightmare Level instantly.
  • On the screen that displays β€œThe End,” press any button to see a secret message. 
  • After you kill josh in dreamland it changes the scene to his room where he dies in the real world. Press left + select on this scene for a familiar surprise.


  • Having trouble with the kitchen part? When Amanda gets close to the door, press A or B to use your powers to shut it. Then, before she reaches the stove top and burns her wrists to wake up, press A or B to warp her to the dream world.
  • Is there a gap in the floor? Try pressing A or B to use your powers.
  • In the final showdown with the spikes, make sure your glove hits directly on the black dot of the electrical apparatus, not above or past it. Otherwise, it won't deactivate.
  • No matter how hard you try, you cannot win in door #3.


If the slasher roms aren't running on your device, download THIS zip file of all 4 games. They're all different mapper versions of the roms.


Went to cameo and sent footage of my free horror games I made about these legends to them! This is what they had to say!

Want to play all of the NES slasher demakes without messing with emulators? Go HERE and get the 4-in-1 program for your PC!

Want to play all of the NES slasher games on one single 4-in-1 NES multirom? Go HERE and check it out!

Son of a Hundred Maniacs (MUSIC VIDEO):

Directional buttons to move.
B or A to attack.
Top red button changes directional button layout.
Top gray button is select.
Bottom gray button is start.
Bottom red bottom goes to menu.

Web browser:
Directional keys to move.
Z or X to attack.
Enter is start button.
Shift is select button.

NOTE: On the mobile/web browser version, the music/sfx will not start until you click/tap the screen. Once you do the music/sfx will start, but lag behind. Go to the menu (ESC button or top red button) and reset the game. Then it'll be back to normal.


ANOES_SOHM_DEMAKE_v0.02.nes 512 kB

Install instructions

NES File:
Download and play with your favorite NES emulator. Best played with Mesen.

When using an NES/SNES Classic. Change core to FCEUmm, then when playing press start + select, options, and change color palette to "sony-cxa2025as-us" for best results.

Development log


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Really well made games dude, I had a blast!

Thanks so much! Glad you had fun! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€˜πŸ»


Great work!  Featured in my NES Homebrew Horror video.

Did you use NESMaker? Or something else entirely?

Coded from scratch. Good ol’ 6502 assembly language. 

I posted a gameplay of A Nightmare On Elm Street, hours ago, on YouTube, and I came here on ItchIo looking for this title, and I found your game. I will download and play. Thanks!


8-bit Slasher 

Hello, please make a cartridge with the game A Nightmare on Elm Street son of a hundred maniacs for the nes console and please add the cover of your game to it

As I said slasher it was coming and here it is. Let's push this out further than before, this is easily your best game. 

Excellent playthrough! Thank you for playing all 3 of my original slasher games! You know I’ll share this on all platforms πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€˜πŸ»

You are always great my friend. Thanks so much, it helps with YouTube sharing it out to others on that site the more watches I get on the video the more it shares it. 


A very cool game! Well done =)

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! I appreciate it!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»